June 13, 2019

Smart Power and Energy Metering System

  • Pengukuran cerdas adalah istilah umum yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan penggunaan pembacaan meter otomatis dan teknologi pengumpulan data untuk memantau dan mencatat konsumsi energi dari jarak jauh di gedung atau mesin.
  •  Sistem pengukuran cerdas dapat digambarkan sebagai pemantauan jarak jauh dari semua energi yang digunakan dalam bangunan atau pabrik, termasuk, ventilasi, pendinginan pendingin, pelembapan, proses dan daya.
  •  Sistem pengukuran biasanya mengirimkan energi yang dikumpulkan atau data lain ke komputer host baik di lokasi atau dari jarak jauh yang memiliki perangkat lunak pengukuran energi SCADA khusus yang diinstal yang memungkinkan tampilan dan grafik data meter.
  • Perangkat lunak tambahan dapat ditambahkan ke sistem pengukuran yang memungkinkan manajemen penggunaan energi  dapat menganalisa data. Ini biasanya disebut dashboard energi yang biasanya berupa sotware berbasis web di-host di komputer jarak jauh dengan akses dari mana saja.
  •  Alasan utama untuk pengukuran energi adalah untuk memastikan bahwa bangunan atau proses dioperasikan secara efisien. Pengukuran dengan perangkat lunak yang sesuai memungkinkan operator untuk mengukur kinerja historis mereka dan menggunakannya untuk menetapkan target peningkatan untuk kinerja masa datang.

Performansi Daya Tinggi dan Energy Meter – Acuvim II Series

  • Quality engineered energy submeters provides a simple robust solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kWh metering, system integration, controlling power distribution systems & other speciality applications.
  • Level 2 DNP3 and IEC61850 2nd Edition
  • MV90 Support
  • 8GB Datalogging and event storage
  • COMtrade Waveform format
  • Four different models for different applications
  • Revenue grade ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 & IEC 62053-22 class 0.2s
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU via RS485 port
  • Plug-in modules for BACNET, Ethernet, Profibus & WiFi
  • Optional data logging, time-of-use and power quality monitoring
  • Choose panel mount meter with digital display or DIN rail mount transducer
  • Free Cloud Metering Data Storage + Analytics
  • 5 year warranty guarantee

Multi-Circuit Power dan kWh Meter – AcuRev 2000 Series

  • Multi-circuit power metering system that monitors kilowatt-hour (kWh), power, energy, demand, peak demand and time-of-use (TOU) in high-density applications. Best used for tenant submetering, commercial facilities and branch circuit monitoring where multiple units require monitoring.
  • 18 channels for 18 single phase or 6 three phase circuits
  • Revenue grade standard ANSI C12.20 class 0.5 and IEC 62053-22 class 0.5s
  • External current transformers for retrofit applications
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU via RS485 for integration
  • Built-in data logging for historical recording
  • Over/under limit alarms for demand control
  • Support protocols Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP & SNTP
  • Support 15-second interval datalogging and data post
  • Support sFTP server built-in for datalogging storage and retrieval
  • Support SNMP V2 and SNMP trap
  • Built-in Ethernet and WiFi communication
  • Secure and encrypted HTTPs Webserver for meter reading and configuration
  • Two-tier user management system to provide efficient monitoring and access
  • Optional free cloud-based metering data storage

DIN Rail Power dan Energy –  MeterAcuRev 1310 Series

  • The AcuRev 1310 DIN Rail meter combines high performance with ease of integration to provide a cost-effective power and energy monitoring solution. Featuring a built-in LCD display designed to simplify setup and local reading of meter data. While the Modbus-RTU and pulse output communication allows seamless integration with the Modbus-RTU, BACnet-MSTP and data acquisition systems.
  • Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy – IEC 62053-22 0.5s Class / ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class
  • Multiple CT Input Options compatible with any CT: 5A/1A, 333mV, Flexible Rogowski Coil, 80/100/200mA
  • 4 Channel current input including neutral current measurement
  • Residual current measurement available
  • 10-690Vac direct voltage input, fits all voltage rating system with one model
  • RS-485 port built-in with Modbus-RTU and BACnet-MSTP standard integration with most systems
  • Standard Din-rail mount for ease-of-installation
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
  • Built-in energy pulse output and alarm output

DC Power dan Energy – MeterAcuDC 240 Series

  • Specialty DC energy meter for monitoring solar PV energy generation, wind turbine power generation, transport systems, cell towers, power distribution in data centers, IT networks and other DC applications.
  • Backlight on-board LCD display
  • Optional MODBUS RTU communications
  • Optional digital and analog I/O
  • Optional relay output
  • Optional data logging
  • Get optional alarm notification
  • Standard DIN size for easy installation

Nirkabel RS485 – TransceiverAcuMesh

  • The Acumesh Wireless RS485 connects any device with a RS485 port to form a point to multi-point mesh network. It is ideal for buildings and systems that monitor energy flow, industrial automation and campus facilities. AcuMesh transceiver eliminates the usual wires in a RS485 installation by using a flexible and simple wireless communication solution
  • Available in both 900MHz and 868MHz frequency
  • Automatic connection without any configuration or software
  • Compatible with any protocols: Wireless Modbus RTU, Profibus, DNP 3.0 and more
  • Highly secure 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Advance configuration available for complex network setup with free software
  • 1000 ft (305m) indoor / 4 Miles (6.5km) outdoor in a single hop
  • Each transceiver acts as an extension point for the network allowing for a longer range of communication
  • Point to multi-point communication enabled with “mesh” structure
  • Self-healing and optimizing communication pathway
  • Simple wireless communication solution.


The AcuCloud is a cloud-based facility metering platform that provides users access to data from Accuenergy’s power meters. The data is available to our customers to view, import, export and analyze.
Data Storage: AcuCloud stores metering data such as voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, demand and other information in 5-minutes interval.
Data Forward: Metering data has no value without analysis from great software. With AcuCloud, user can forward all metering data to your or other 3rd party software for analysis, reporting, billing, energy efficiency studies, measurement and verification projects. AcuCloud support HTTP, HTTPs, FTP protocols with CSV and JSON data format.
Data Download: Users can download and export historical metering data in CSV format for further offline analysis.
Data Analytics: AcuCloud offers quick and simple data analytics tools such as trending, energy profile analysis and comparison.
Alerts: We understand you want to be notified when certain data reaches its threshold or when meter is offline. AcuCloud offers email alerts to be triggered based on conditions set by the user.
User Management: AcuCloud offers various user access levels for your organization’s data. The default access level include facility, admin, manager and view-only.
Reports: AcuCloud offers the ability to download and/ or email reports directly to your colleagues for collaborative analysis and insightful decision making. You can send all or select report dashboards. These reports cover key energy management areas such as Facility Energy Consumption Trend Analysis, Top Consuming Meter Points, Deployment, Meter Point Energy Consumption Trend Analysis, Meter Point Operations Analyzer and Meter Point Active Power & Weekdays Analysis.

AcuBilling Billing Software

Simply generate professional bills for building tenants based on accurate and automatic metering data of kilowatt-hour energy usage. Designed for facility management and billing service companies. AcuBilling is best integrated with Accuenergy revenue grade energy meters to collect kWh consumption data, however it can also be used with any pre-existing power meter in the building regardless of manufacturer.

If you have third-party energy meters already installed, contact us to find out how to configure the AcuBilling system with your existing power meters.